Articulate's Sustainable Organisational Change Programs empower an organisation to lead, adapt to and embed technology enable process change.

Our combined Change Program comprises six key elements to support technology enable process change:
  • Change Governance: establishment of an effective change leadership framework
  • Business Engagement: stakeholder management and change leadership engagement to harness the influential support of cultural change sponsors.
  • Communication: disseminating relevant information at an appropriate time using multiple tools and delivery channels.
  • Organisational Design: defining or realigning organisation structures, roles and responsibilities to capitalise on new organisational capabilities provided through transformation.
  • Workforce Capability: providing a workforce with the necessary skills and capabilities to successfully embed the change, through training and development, talent acquisition, and where necessary redeployment & outplacement .
  • Business Transition: supporting smooth and sustainable transition from the current environment to a new operating environment.

  • Articulate encourages a collaborative team with our clients and supports the following collaborative change program models.

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