Articulate's sustainable Training Programs create a skilled and enabled workforce who can successfully adapt to and thrive in a transformed business environment. Your workforce develops the necessary competency through skills assessment, training and an effective business support model.

Our Training Program comprises three key elements to enable go-live training and post go-live performance support:
  • Learning PathwayTM: the journey a learner takes and the learning products required to achieve process and system competence.
  • Learning AssetTM: model enabling SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant Learning Products to be available to end users, change champions and instructors via a number of access mechanisms in order to support face to face and online learning methods.
  • Learning Product InventoryTM: modular training materials presenting transactional system information in the context of your business process.

  • Articulate encourages a collaborative team with our clients and supports the following collaborative training program models. A variation of the these models may also be suitable for your circumstances.

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